Eat, Walk and Trek in Mt. Province - Things to Do in Sagada Part I and My Mojo Slippers

It's my second time in Sagada actually but I consider this the first because we only a had a few hours here to walk the last time before heading to Baguio. After our pinikpikan lunch and organic Sagada coffee farm tour with Mr. Osenio Lay-os in the afternoon, these are the little things we did until the next morning before our super spelunking at Sumaguing Cave haha. It made such a difference in my first Sagada impression that there's nothing there. Thinking about this experience again actually makes me want to go back and do these activities slowly in around 3 or 4 days haha. I'll probably also stay in Sagada Home Stay again.


Also got to walk around Sagada with my Mojo SlippersYou can squeeze this itinerary in an afternoon and a morning though if you're only in Sagada for the weekend =) Of course, everything is a lot easier if you have a car for some areas. This is a list of suggested activities to do in Sagada - some of which I missed and you will beat me to it haha.


Day 1 Afternoon
Suggested Activity #1 - Sagada Weaving for souvenirs
Nangonogan, Poblacion, Sagada
(10 minutes walk from town center towards the direction of St. Theodore's Hospital)
Sagada Weaving Website


They've been weaving since 1968.. The prices are a bit steep because it's handmade from small items to big bags. I bought one medium duffel bag for P570 and the fabric and craftmanship is different from the ones sold in souvenir shops in Sagada. Keychains range from P100 up while bags range from P350 up.


Warning: These Ates are kinda masungit. Turns out you can't take a photo anywhere.. Sorry bout that.


Suggested Activity #2 - Church and Pine Trees!
Staunton Road, Sagada
Around 10 minutes by car is the Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin.


You'll see a lot of pine trees in the compound (think there's an entrance to go to the hanging coffins here somewhere)


and staring-out-into-the-magnificence-of-nature spots =)


Suggested Activity #3 - Snacks
We went back to check in at Sagada Home Stay after our yummy afternoon snack at the coffee coop building hehe.


Suggested Activity #4 - Check-in at Sagada Home Stay, Walk to Town (Sagada Poblacion) and Do Food Trips!

This was where the road-testing of the Mojo Slippers began haha. For this afternoon walk, it felt quite nice to take off my rubber shoes from all the farm tours and put on some flip flops for this mountain trip.


Mojo Sandals is our official footwear for the spelunking adventure in Sagada. Pinoy-made, life-saver, feet-saver, affordable and very comfy (towel-textured, costs only around P345 for mine). Simple lang naman ang hanap ko sa slippers, basta hindi madulas and would not hurt my feet! I counted on my Mojo Slippers through Sumaguing Cave and I was super happy that it's one size bigger (may advantages 'to for caving but not walking baka matalisod ka minsan hehe)! I'll tell you more about the caving advantages in my Sumaguing Cave post. One thing to note though - the model I have doesn't dry quick when wet (after caving).. Here are some Mojo outlets if you wanna buy and try out their sandals (there are also strapped ones) - Olympic Village (SM North Edsa, Market Market, Gateway, Pioneer), SM Muntinlupa, Marikina Riverbanks, Robinsons Metro East, Cash & Carry Makati, buy Mojo online. Check out more designs and nationwide stores from the Mojo Sandals Website and Mojo on Facebook.


We got to the other pedestrian entrance of Sagada Home Stay in 2 minutes =)


We turned right and walked down the path


until we got to the Sagada Municipal Hall. We came from the road up (right of this picture below). Walk down to the left side of this photo below. 


Let's continue the journey.


You'll see the old Municipal Hall to your left.


It's really just a LONG straight street haha.


I saw a Kimchi restaurant! I put this in my to-do-next list!


Beside it is a cool-looking Moonhouse Restaurant. I sooo wanted to eat there and go on a food trip but they were looking for the more popular Sagada Lemon Pie House. Dinner was also already being prepared at the Sagada Home Stay =(


Walk, walk, walk...


and walk a bit more and faster coz it's getting dark haha.


We passed by the other famous Yoghurt House.


We went in after we had lemon pie. Haha.


I tasted this one with granola and strawberries. It's very rich, tastes healthy and not cold like normal yohgurt hehe (costs around P100). I would gladly have this again but I would share this with someone. Haha. 


There's an internet shop if you need connection.


There's also a Sagada Guides Association, probably good to visit this in the morning or when you arrive.


There's a Pinikpikan Haus to my left. Pinikpikan is a Sagada specialty. You can check out my post on the Pinikpikan that the coop and LGU served us =)


I also caught a glimpse of Sagada terraces during our little walk!


Wala lang, I liked the design of this house haha. Thanks Marj for being my mow-del! Hehe.


You'll see lots of souvenir shops but only a few are open in the super late afternoon up to around 9 p.m. I bought a hand-woven super small wallet for P75. I laughed when I saw this shop with Ukay-Ukay (called wagwag in Sagada). Way to differentiate your store, Kuya! Haha. Note: By the way, they have "wagwag" at the Sagada Saturday market!


Finally - we found the Sagada Lemon Pie House in the row of stores! It looks so nice to sit outside


because it's reddish-ly dark inside and full of humongous mosquitoes!


Low chairs inside and a bit creepy. Haha.


Here's the infamous Lemon Pie (P30 per slice of lemon pie and egg pie). It was super sour for me and I think it's a bit overrated.. so the next time I come here I will just order the Mountain Milk Tea or other stuff in the menu like the egg pie and seasonal blueberry pie haha.


It gets pretty dark in Sagada at night so we went back already. There are also plenty of dogs roaming around.. And since I couldn't use the WiFi, I spent some time looking at the guides I found at the Sagada Home Stay sala. Haha. Hope this is useful to you.


Hope you can zoom into this. If not tell me. Also found this post on Sagada's Signature Dishes and Must-Try Diners.


This lists the different adventures you can do in Sagada. It's from the Municipal Tourist Information Center so I think it pays to go there and visit hehe.


I've decided to create a Things to Do in Sagada Part 2 because this post is too long already and I have tons of pictures hehe. 

Check our my Sagada series:

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