Oakroom at Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Celebrates the 4th of July with the All-American Food and Wine Fest - Steaks and Burgers Galore in Manila!

We had just celebrated our Independence Day here in Manila this month. Just a week more, it would be the start of another month and a very big holiday in the US - the 4th of July independence celebration. I had featured Oakroom Restaurant in the past and they've successfully held food festivals for the past year. There's a sampling of different cuisines every time from Chinese to Italian to Indian to the World of Rice. This time around as a tribute to this upcoming holiday in the US, from this month to July 26, it's time for the oh-so-familiar American food, complete with soup, steaks, burgers and dessert with their All American Food and Wine Fest! Read all the way to the end since there's a treat there somewhere for one of my lucky readers =)


Let me tell you a little about my food preference first: There was a point in my life (a few years back) when I craved for steak every time J and I went out haha. He, on the other hand, loves burgers and we try to find a balance between the two. He would join me for some medium-well steak (even if he likes rare) while I would join him for jaw-dropping big burgers. It's not that often that we get to eat both in one place so this food fest would have been perfect then haha. Somehow, over the years, I cut back on my all-steak-and-beef-only diet and began to eat in smaller portions. I had to prepare myself for a few days before I could eat this much FYI hehe. Since this is a wine fest too, let me tell you that I avoid it because I don't like the taste and I'm allergic to alcohol. Somehow, I tried Oakroom's newest wine selection and I started sipping away. As for dessert, I just ate that brownie sundae with gusto haha. Did I tell you that I was allergic to cocoa too? Haha. Read all about this getaway below. In general, I have cravings for these food that the USA is known for haha - for the days that I just want to give myself a break and indulge =)


For this introduction to the All American Food and Wine Fest of Oakroom, I was able to try a serving of soup, steak, sidings and dessert. It's definitely more than enough for a food trip. We were all quiet and immobilized after haha. For the experience, I actually became interested in meat cuts because they gave us a copy of this chart from the Certified Angus Beef brand. I hope they have this in Filipino as well so that we know the counterparts, as well as cooking suggestion, when going to the market hehe. Better yet, maybe they will understand the pictures so I suggest just printing it! Hahaha.


It was actually able to get the difference of beef quality grades according to the USDA. I don't normally think of this whenever I order steak so it was a good wake-me-up. =) 


Apparently, there's a difference among Prime, Choice and Select haha.

Image from USDA Blog

You can check out the USDA and Certified Angus Beef sites for more info. 

So now, let's go back to the Food Fest sampling =) Here's the menu.


While waiting, I always love to munch on Oakroom's yummy bread and have some mango shake (separate menu) ;)


The Boston Clam Chowder came out and I was super happy as I love cream-based anything haha. I liked the creaminess and chunkiness of this soup.


I was taken aback by the price but after I started, I just couldn't stop. It's also thick enough so I think this can be split to share if you want to have room for the main course =) I would order this again and think about my trip to cold Boston.


This goes well with the white wine that was served. These are American wines from the Columbia Valley in Washington State - 2010 Columbia Crest, Two Vines Cabarnet Sauvignon (red) and 2010 Columbia Crest, Two Vines, Chardonnay (white). They were both light and I just started sipping away. I liked the red better but I think it really depends on what you'll be eating for the meal too.


For the main event, we were ushered into a space with all the meat! One of the highlights was the carving of steaks (striploin and tenderloin) by Sir Igor Ruge (Executive Assistant Manager of Oakwood Manila) and Chef Edgar Alejandrino (of Oakroom). 


These are the different cuts of USDA Certified Angus Beef available in the menu.


Just look at that steak (Striploin)! I like the end parts actually haha. It's crusted and all that flavor is in that exposed side.


They have set portions per beef cut order in the menu like 8 oz for the Striploin and 12 oz for the Porterhouse and Rib Eye. I told Sir Igor I just wanted a small piece so this is most likely not the 8 oz Striploin below haha.


This is the Tenderloin. I also just got a little. I was already semi-full from the Clam Chowder hehe.


The Cabarnet is definitely a good pair for this red meat.


Redness test! I had a peculiar reaction to it. I was expecting that I'd be tipsy by this time but I wasn't. Hahahaha. It tasted even better with every sip and it's super light - there wasn't any palpitation on my head and I wasn't as red.


Don't forget the side dishes! No rice here hehe.

Mashed Potato

Sauteed Mushrooms - I liked this the most =)

Creamed Spinach

Broccoli au Gratin

Also in the menu, Baked Jumbo Potato, French Fries and Fried Onion Rings! For the burgers, they said the Mexican was the bestseller. Would love to try that on my next visit! For the steak sauce, I would come back for the orange one below (it's a tomato-based special bernaise sauce called choron - maybe ask ahead about it)!!! The peppercorn sauce (middle) is also not bad =)


You should also try this!!! Not as a sauce, just a condiment... My newest discovery - Grain Mustard (right below)! Yum!!!


The ultimate cherry on top is the Brownie Super Sundae! There's delicous thick cream, ice cream, brownie cubes and sprinkles in there =D


It's very, very big so definitely good for sharing! For this, all mine so I was in a food coma after a few minutes of digging in there hahahaha. There are more desserts in the menu by the way!


I suggest you take this opportunity and go to Oakroom for the All American Food and Wine Fest until July 26, 2013! Available Daily for lunch (12 noon to 3 p.m.) and dinner (6 p.m. to 10 p.m.). Do check out their other promos too! These are happening with the All American Food and Wine Fest at the same time.

Every Saturday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. - Saturday Seafood Market 


Every Sunday 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. - Sunday's World Brunch 


The Oakroom Restaurant and Bar is located on the 6th floor of the Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center (a premiere hotel for staycations in Manila). Oakroom has made it into my Favorite Guiltless Date Places in Manila list.


Restaurant Details:
6th Floor, Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig
Open Mondays to Sundays
719-1160 (direct line) / 637-7888 ext. 8604
Oakroom Ortigas Facebook

Want some All American food? I'm giving away this experience to one reader =)

A GC worth P2000 which can be used 
for the All American Food and Wine Fest a la carte menu 
at the Oakroom Restaurant (Lunch or Dinner)
valid until: July 26, 2013
The GC must be consumed in one dining experience by the winner (claimed personally). 
It also doesn't matter how many people you bring to dine.
The P2K can be used for taxes and SC. 
Sample: You ate P1200 + taxes + SC = P2000

Contest Period is from June 25, 2013 12:00 a.m. to July 8, 2013 12:00 a.m.

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I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to tell me below:
What's your favorite beef cut and how do you cook/eat it (as what dish)? What's your all-time favorite American food? What dish would you order for the Food Fest (you can check out the menu)?


  1. Tenderloin: It's super tender, juicy and full of flavor. Just sprinkle with salt and pepper and grill until desired doneness is reached.
    My favorite American food are Chocolate-chip cookies, Nachos, Philly cheese steak, Hot dogs, Cheeseburger, Apple pie, BLT, Buffalo wings, S’mores, Fried chicken and waffles, Popcorn, Baked beans, Peanut butter sandwich, Potato chips, Macaroni and cheese, Meatloaf, Biscuits ’n’ gravy, Banana split.

    I would love to try the Boston Clam Chowder.

  2. I would choose the BEEF shank coz it has more meat on it...though, sadly I do not eat meat so much :(

    But when I eat meat, I eat the softest and most tender meat like in beef brisket ahihihi

    Though, I love fries and anything with mayo on it!

    I will definitely go for the desserts!!! I am big on desserts! I want to try their popcorn cheesecake and key lime pie!!

  3. I use beef shank and brisket for Nilagang Baka/Bulalo, and the Sirloin cut thinly for Beefsteak. If I win (I wish) I would order the Angus Beef Rib-eye Steak. And probably a Big burger with lots of cheese.

  4. Hamburger is what I love!
    Grilled chicken chopped salad I will order!

  5. tenderloin medium ribs Brownie Super Sundae

  6. sirloin because it's the most tender part. All time favorite of course is the steak

  7. What's your all-time favorite American food? What dish would you order for the Food Fest (you can check out the menu)?

    Hamburger is my all-time favorite American food.
    I will definitely order the Marinated US Flank Steak

  8. Beef tendon and sirloin grilled or boiled

  9. What's your favorite beef cut in English-tenderloin
    how do you cook/eat it? tender strips steak
    What's your all-time favorite American food? Flame grilled burgers.
    What dish would you order for the Food Fest? 12oz. Rib Eye or Porterhouse

  10. Sirloin is my fave part and we use it to cook Beef Stroganoff at home ;)

  11. 1.Sirloin well done
    2.Flame grilled burgers
    3.Brownie Super Sundae

  12. Favorite beef cut - Porterhouse? :)
    How do I eat it? - through the steakhouse restos around :)
    Fave American food - cant think of anything aside from burger. mac and cheese? :)
    What would i order? - steak! :D

  13. What's your favorite beef cut in English (for fun haha, look at the chart) and how do you cook/eat it (as what dish)? Ground Beef for my Taco Salad and pasta dish.

    What's your all-time favorite American food? Burger

    What dish would you order for the Food Fest (you can check out the menu)? Porterhouse Steak

  14. 1.Tenderloin- well done
    2. Burgers
    3. Steak

  15. Favorite beef cut - Tenderloin
    Favorite American food - Hamburgers
    What dish would you order - I will try the creamed spinach, Tenderloin & Brownie Super Sundae

  16. Tenderloine!! ;))
    Anything with grilled burgers with fries!
    Steak will do ;)

  17. 1. Sirloin steak - well done
    I always take time to reward myself with this wonderful steak during payday ^_^

    2. Burger and Fries - grown up with these combo hehehe

    3. But will go for Porterhouse Steak. I would order every item if its all for free hehehe.

  18. Sirloin is the best cut. Love it when cook medium rare steak

  19. I will choose the BEEF shank becuase it's the bomb!

    Or the tenderloin will do. :)

    Fish and fries-all-time fave American food

  20. My all-time favorite American food is good old double cheeseburger. I will order the Rib-Eye steak!

  21. What's your all-time favorite American food? The HAMBURGER :)
    What dish would you order for the Food Fest? The mexican looks real good :)

  22. rib eye cut, as steak cooked medium rare,
    all time favorite is burger

  23. i want a well done Sirloin steak, a big burger and some mash potatoes.

  24. My all-time favorite American food is fried chicken!

    Oh, I'd love to try the Brownie Super Sundae :P

  25. My favorite American food is burger with TLC.

    I'd love to try EVERYTHING!

  26. I love the Sirloin part because Beef Steak is our favorite.

    American food is Burgers.

  27. What's your favorite beef cut in English? I like the shank.
    and how do you cook/eat it (as what dish)? for nilagang baka.
    What's your all-time favorite American food? I love steaks!
    What dish would you order for the Food Fest? Rib-Eye steak

  28. tenderloin,brownie super sundae ! :)

  29. My fave beef cut is striploin :)
    I love burgers!
    I would love to try Broccoli au Gratin!

  30. Definitely Beef shanks for Osso Buco! Yum!
    Burgers, Steak and Fries!! Delicious!
    Boston Clam Chowder and Super Brownie Sundae!!

    I would love to try everything!

  31. my all-time american food favorites are burgers and fries :) would love to order pumpkin cheesecake and mexican burger at the foodfest :)

  32. Beef Burger and blueberry cheesecake would be great,

  33. Beef burger, steak and blueberry cheesecake would be heaven

  34. Sirloin cut for me, medium rare, i like a little blood :)

    My all time favorite american food would be Burgers and fries, drenched with ALOT of ketchup!

  35. favorite beef cut would be tenderloin...i love steaks, well done pls!
    All time favorite american food would be burgers
    and i would like to try their porterhouse :)

  36. 1. i love the shank with bone in for my uber favorite beef bulalo!!!
    2. my all-time favorite American food is of course, beef steak!!!! yummy!

  37. Rib Eye cut and cooked medium well - im off with the blood part :)
    all time favorite would be buffalo wings!! :) plus burger and fries of course :)

    What to order? of course I will still go for the rib eye :)

  38. What's your all-time favorite American food?

    Since we are talking about steaks, Of course I love steaks!

    What dish would you order for the Food Fest?

    Striploin and Burgers - Kany Vic Perez

  39. What's your all-time favorite American food?


    What dish would you order for the Food Fest

    Striploin , Strioloin :)

  40. What's your all-time favorite American food?


    What dish would you order for the Food Fest -Zyra Anne

    Grilled chicken chopped salad

  41. Beef Cut is tenderloin and my alltime american food fave is Burgers! - Victoria JOse

  42. Grilled beef tendon and sirloin

  43. My favorite beef cut is tenderloin--- steak grilled to well-done perfection! My all-time favorite American food is a thick juicy hamburger with fries on the side. For the food fest, I'd order a bowl of clam chowder and an 8 oz.striploin steak! Yummm!

  44. Spareribs - cooked Korean Spareribs beef stew style!

  45. My all time favorite American food is BURGERS!

  46. I like tenderloin cuts marinated and grilled. Beef Salpicao is another favorite prep for them. I'd like to taste different American food but am used to eat the classic cheeseburger, fries and onion rings. I usually look at the served dishes before I choose but if I would choose based on the discuddes food here I would choose striploin and creamed spinach

  47. I prefer Striploin but the cut of the tenderloin looks magnificent. You can never go wrong with steaks.

  48. my favorite is Burger! I will order beef tenderloin!


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