Looking for Go Kart in Manila? Try Star Karting in Alabang!

Following my plans to take on more challenging trips and experiences this year, I said yes to an invitation to go Kart Racing in Manila! We spent the day with two young racing champs from the City Kart Racing Team PRO who are fulfilling their dreams in this sport. This is a new go kart venue in town and I think it's a great activity if you want to tone your body, practice your mad driving skills and bond with yourself and your friends =) Coming from an adventure in Laguna or the South? This is the perfect icing and stopover before you head back to Metro Manila! The newly opened StarKarting is located at Starmall Alabang - just 30 minutes away from EDSA. Affordable go karting rates await you there hehe. This is an INDOOR karting facility so you can come here rain or shine (and without the sunburn too)!!! I'm giving away a go-karting experience for 2 at the end of this post *Winks!


First impressions - I was mighty glad that going there was easy from EDSA. The parking fee was cheap for a mall at P15 or P20. This Starmall has a swimming pool resort theme park and a big sports center. We found the open-aired indoor go-kart facility on the 3rd floor (visible from the parking, entrance is inside the mall).  


There we met these kids and they were going to teach us for this day. Tai Zulberti, left, is 11 while Carlos Lorenzo, right, is 15 and these guys are part of the City Kart Racing Team PRO - professionals at such a young age and competing already!


I would normally just go for it without thought - like Bump Cars (easy haha) but Carlos took us around the track as they would when you are racing or going to a go-kart school. OMG, I really zoned out and you're supposed to have a strategy going in pala haha like the optimal position is this then you should already turn here. Ahhh info overload. The only thing I caught was - blue and yellow means slow down and let the one at the back pass because he's trying to overtake you while the checkered black and white flag means that the race is finished.


I took everything in as a suggestion and didn't beat myself too much for not being an attentive student. The guys I was with seemed to understand him though (maybe that's why they all raced past me haha).   


My skills will soon be put to the test haha.


The first team were all geared up! The track can accommodate around 9 people at a time only.


The kuyas were there to check the gears, the seats and the engines.


You'll be lined up like this and all the adrenalin-pumping action will soon start.


Before you know it, you're off to your own world and running around in circles (and trying your best to avoid the tires haha).


Even gals can have a go!


It's my turn!


You might want to wear this protective mask (not included in package, buy elsewhere) under the helmet (but you can still drive without it). They have packages for P100, P200 and P300 (so cheap right?!).


That was one of the longest 5 minutes of my life! I didn't even care about the competition because I was busy not hitting anything hahaha. It was also a workout from head to toe!


Let's see how the pros do it! They look so cute and better protected with their go-karting suits!


It was fun watching them race each other - pro style haha. I was also looking at how they were doing it so smoothly when it comes to the turns!


You know this guy Tai is only 11. He dreams of one day joining the ranks of Formula One.


It's just so inspiring that they are still both in school and are fulfilling their dreams in their teens!


For our own little race, these guys were the ones ahead of the game!


This guy ranked 2nd overall after overtaking me!!! (Ch**ter! Ahahaha) His best time was 27.95 seconds while mine was 31.7 seconds and I ranked 10th for the qualifying! Ang lapit diba?!


Well, I learned my lesson haha.




Serious mode ON! hahaha.


One thing I noticed was I was present to the whole experience while driving. There are no distractions - just me, my kart and the race track. Time is slow and you feel every turn and bump. Both the ride and finally making the goal was such an awesome experience =) Wouldn't you want to experience every little thing in your life like this? 

Won't you give it a try? =) Here's a giveaway if you do: 

3rd Level, Sports Center, Starmall Alabang,
South Super Highway, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
0905-4117444 / 0920-6665444
Star Karting Facebook
starkarting@ymail.com / sharon@citykartracing.com

Tell me below: Are you a go-kart virgin or can you beat these guys?! Haha. Who would you bring to go StarKarting with you?


  1. Virgin here! Haha. Only gets to play on video games. I would bring a friend who's a go-kart addict. :)

  2. I have never tried go karting before but wanted to try it. It seems exciting and fun. :) I will bring my best friend with me because she is the type of person who wants to try new things.

  3. its my first time :) ill bring my friend with me or my daughter :)

  4. I've first tried go-karting, 1992 I guess, at fiesta carnival in cubao.. it was long time ago, and fiesta carnival is not there anymore. Then I also tried the one in SBMA in subic, which was in 2004.. old times :D Haha.. I would bring my partner, she's also into this kind of adventure :)

  5. I haven't triedgo karting before. I'm excited to try it with my daughter

  6. I am a go-kart virgin! haha kasi ang mahal sa Enchanted Kingdom ng ganyan. PEro I want to try. I will bring my elder sister if ever I win. Thanks

  7. A go-kart virgin here! Will probably bring a friend. :)

  8. I have tried go-karting hahaha! Im not a go-kart virgin but I guess I need a lot of practice to beat those guys! hehehe.. and if ever I will win this I will bring my sister with me =D

  9. I've never tried it. If I win, this will be the first time. I'll share this excitement with my son. I know he'll enjoy this. Thanks!

  10. I never tried a real gokart... would love to try and make a spin... certainly a virgin... hahaha!
    I would like to bring my kids and family to this event, a nice family bonding... =)

  11. I want to do something different this valentines day with my boyfriend. :)

  12. I have tried this before but that was a long time ago. I would like to do it again, with my wife. :-) would be nice.

  13. It will be my first time if I win. I will bring my bff she loves go kart.

  14. virgin I admit.I will bring my bestfriend.

  15. Lol...Virgin hmmm, I tried once but it never happened again and I wanted to try it again. It would be much fun if I bring my son Joshua who's fave is to ride gokart. ;)

  16. I'd bring my sister. Tried the one in EK, does that count as gokarting?

  17. Yes, I am a go-kart virgin. I would bring my hubby to go StarKarting with me.

  18. Go Kart Virgin =) I want to have some fun with my son...

  19. Still a go kart virgin. If ever given a chance, I'll invite my friend with me as we both like discovering new things to do.

  20. Are you a go-kart virgin or can you beat these guys?! NO Who would you bring to go StarKarting with you? My GF

  21. Well, it will be my first time to try that go-kart thing and i would be probably bring my twin sister! crazy sisters! HAH!

  22. still a virgin with Go karting would like to try it with my grand daugher

  23. Yes, I'm a go-kart virgin but I can still try beating them :)
    I'd probably bring my beau to go go-karting with me, it would totally be fun!

  24. I have never tried go karting but if I win Ill bring along my son..happy bonding and am gonna beat him lol.

  25. I tried go karting before but I can't remember where I've tried it. It's been a long time already so I guess I won't be able to beat those guys. I would bring my bf with me :)

    Elaine Chua

  26. Tried it at star city way back then, I would like to go with my gf.

  27. never been ride, yeah im a newb on go kart. given a chance will bring my friend

  28. I have never tried it. Will invite joms. He's never tried driving anything before so it will be interesting.

  29. it would be my first time! would love to take my brother here :)


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