Jang Ga Nae Korean Restaurant in Ortigas, Yuumm!

Let me fill your appetite for all things Korean this year haha. This post is all about food and Jang Ga Nae - the newest of my three frequented Korean restaurants in Manila. This was only my second time to go there and I'm sure I'll be back for more haha. I'm including it in my list of Guiltless Restaurant Picks in Manila, alongside Ye Dang Korean Restaurant in Ortigas hehe. You can read about why I feature different cuisines in this blog in that post or you can read my South Korea series to get you in the mood for Korean. As you scroll down, I hope to take you with me on this journey without the added pounds hahaha. You only have to go to Ortigas to get a taste of South Korea =)


We were there by 6:20 p.m., just in time with one parking slot left!


Appetizers / Freebies
I like the salad with vinaigrette the most. You can ask for a refill. There were 2 types of kimchi - I forgot to cook the cabbage one on the grill =( 


This is a watered-down kimchi pancake.


Even soup is free haha. This is like a mix of duenjang chigae and jjampong - tastes just a bit spicy but after you eat the more spicy dishes, this one is mild and a welcome break hehe.


Stay away from this. Very hot charcoal there but it will cook the meat =) Ask to extinguish after cooking so that you don't burn the rest that you will eat slowly.


Main Dishes
We had beef galore and this was one of the four we ordered - Galbi Jim (beef short ribs). 


For soup - Galbi Tang (beef ribs soup) - I don't like this one but you may want to try it. It tastes completely different from the sweet dish we know above.


For the grilled, we ordered Woo Sam Gyup (beef belly, left) and Chadol (beef sirloin strips). 


The waitress will cook for you and she will use the grill in front of you if you order 2 or more grilled dishes. If you order one only, they will cook it inside. I would recommend ordering 2. (We eat Chadol in my other favorite Korean restaurant across Ye Dang for P199 per plate).


You can eat when both sides are brown. Don't let Chadol cook until crispy or else it will be hard and feels like you're just eating bacon hahaha.


I like the Woo Sam Gyup better for this restaurant.


Of course I ordered Teokbokki!


This is Jang Ga Nae at 7 p.m. on a weekday! It's easier to get seats if you come with 4 people or less. There were no lines yet when we came around 6:20 p.m. but soon people just kept on coming.


Here's the tab and you'll see the range of dishes we ordered are from P150 to P350. I think 3-4 dishes are enough for 4 people haha.


As if all that wasn't enough, we went over to Milky Way Tea nearby and got some chewy Mochi Waffles! This one is topped with blueberries, cream and yoghurt.


Restaurant Details:


Jang Ga Nae Korean Restaurant (formerly Minato) - Ortigas
G/F 8137 Plaza. St. Josemarie Escriva Drive,
San Antonio, Pasig (in front of UA&P)
Jang Ga Nae Facebook

Jang Ga Nae Korean Restaurant - Paranaque
237 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque


Milky Way Tea
G/F Fern Corp Center, Escriva Drive,
Ortigas Center, Manila
Open Mondays to Fridays 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturdays to Sundays 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Milky Way Tea Facebook

How about you? Do you have any favorite Korean joints in your city? Thumbs up or thumbs suck? What's your favorite that you order again and again? If you haven't tried Korean food, which would you try first and why? =) Please feel free to tell me all about it below!


  1. You should try Don Day Fresh Korean Resto. It's 299 for unlimited Samgyeopsal and other Korean foods on the buffet table. :D It's located in Malingap St. QC. Awesome place. ;)

    1. i tried it, i like matgalne better across yedang! buffet also. less than P500 depends on time of day.

  2. Yes I do have, it's also in Ortigas, opposite side of Yedang. It's Bong-a Korean Restaurant just above Brothers Burger and Office Warehouse. I've tried both Yedang a Bong-a, but Bong-a cooking is more delicious and cheaper. I always order the gyoza and the kimchi chigae.

    1. i eat at the one beside that! haha. lemme try that next.

  3. Korean dishes are healthy! :) I haven't try that yet, But I wanna try Sundubu jjigae, Bulgogi, and Tteokbokki.

  4. Sadly, there aren't very any good Korean haunts near our place (city, yes) but not within a kilometer ratio. But we love going to Samboko-jin for our Korean/Asian fix. I know it's not purely Korean but they have similar dishes. Or Kaya (Greenbelt) for that purely Korean fare.
    I always go for Bulgogi, Galbi Jim or Bibimbop. And of course, with kimchi on the side :)

  5. It looks like Sambokojin but the difference is its a Korean resto! I want to try Korean foods! :)

  6. ok naman korean food, mukang healthy din compare sa japanese. di ko lang medyo makayanan ang anghang ng kimchi hehe :)

    1. grill and cook it in samgyeupsal oil ;) the spiciness will disappear and that will enhance the flavor.

  7. i want to try bulgogi and Teokbokki:)

  8. I havent try any Korean food .... But i wanna try Korean seafood dishes and various types of kimchi in Kaya Korean Restaurant in Makati.

  9. Bul-dak is my favorite Korean food! Buldak is a spicy chicken dish that is becoming very popular amongst the younger generation of Koreans everywhere. Its popularity has been attributed to both its unique flavors and spiciness. Keep in mind, the term bul means fire in Korean and dak is chicken, so it can get quite spicy in taste.

    1. ohh i think i had that once in myeongdong. it was very spicy!

  10. I don't know if there are Korean restaurants in Marikina, but I love Pobi Korean Restaurant in Manila, which is near my school. Thumbs up!!! I love kimbap, fish cake and ramyeon.

    1. I love kimbap, fish cake and ramyeon too!!!

  11. I have tried Chef's Noodle.. I ordered their Kimbap and Wanja Steak Jun. It was just a-ok for me. Hope I can visit some of the Korean Restaurants soon.

  12. I love Korean Garden in Jupiter Makati but would love to try Jang Ga Nae the next time we visit ortigas :)I always order chapchae! Super love it hahaha

  13. My friend introduced thiis little hole in the wall Korean place just across Robinsons Ermita's department store called Makchang. Some of the meats they offer are pricey but the overall taste and experience is nice.

    1. interesting. i've been trying to find one that i like in the Malate area for the longest time.

  14. 1. Do you have any favorite Korean joints in your city? Thumbs up or thumbs suck?
    - I'm from Los Baños, Laguna and there's actually a very good Korean resort/spa and restaurant about 5 minutes (by car) away from our house. It's called 88 Hotspring Resort. The place is amazing and the food is exceptional! You can check out http://www.88resort.com/ for more information :)

    2. What's your favorite that you order again and again?
    - I love grilled Korean food and it's a must that I/we always have Chadol. I've been eating Kimchi since I was 10 so yeah, it's impossible to not have it in our table whenever we eat in a Korean restaurant. Heck, we always have a jar (or two) in our fridge!

    1. oh i've passed that resort before! didn't know it was korean. hehe.

      chadol!!! drool.. we have a jar too! haha

  15. I haven't try korean foods but i already try some chineese food may mga pagkaka pareho lng yta cla ng lasa kya im ready to taste a korean foods may be later mura lng nmn pla xa hahah muka kc mahal!!!

    i want to try For the grilled,(beef sirloin strips). mukang yummy!!!

  16. I haven't tried any korean foods yet but I wanna try woo sam gyup and Teokbokki it looks yummy =)

  17. I would like to try Sariwon's Galbi first because I have been hearing good reviews about it.

  18. I love korean food! That's the very reason why i went to Korea...for food!! There's a korean resto in BF Paranaque names SAM WON! That's my favorite! It is reasonable priced with good service and quality of food. Definitely a thumbs up! We always order the Sam gyop sal, japcchae (not so familiar with the spelling).

  19. There are so many yummy dishes to choose but I never tried the others. My only fave is Korean BBQ Chicken, Bi Bim Bap and Duboki. Bi Bim Bap taste really good. Duboki because I like rice cakes and red pepper paste.

  20. may malapit na korean restaurant sa amin sa may Il terrazzo, yoogane name ng resto, masarap yung chap chae nila and dak galbi


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