Bolinao Pangasinan, A Crazy Overnight Weekend Itinerary!

Have you heard about Puerto del Sol Resort and my controversial post about them last year? Well, I had this opportunity to go visit Bolinao and guess where I stayed?! For real haha. I do believe in coincidences and chances so here goes my post on a wonderful overnight trip =) Here's an easy itinerary for those of you who want to follow my Bolinao Pangasinan adventure. It is located on the western part of North Luzon! The feeling of just tracing one edge of the Philippines with my eyes like a virtual map was so exciting that I can't wait to do it again and again hehe. 


12 a.m. Manila to Tarlac
It was my first time to try this mode of transportation (bus) from Manila to somewhere in the remote areas of Northern Luzon. We missed the Five Star Bus from Cubao (1 a.m., I have no clue how to catch it). Our group just hopped on an airconditioned Dagupan Bus on EDSA and I followed suit. Clearly I cannot do this yet on my own, good thing I was with other Pangasinan experts haha. Fare cost: P201.00


3 a.m. Stopover at Tarlac
Because of the "slight" change of plans, we were to hop off the Tarlac bus station stop (2 hours later) to find another one bus will take us directly to Bolinao, Pangasinan. From the Tarlac bus station, we managed to get on a non-aircon Pangasinan Five Star Bus. Fare cost: P198.00


3:50 a.m. Tarlac to Bolinao
I tried all ways of sleeping but there were just too many stops, bumps, people alighting, people unloading, loud Pinoy movies showing (I couldn't really understand what they were saying coz I was at the back) on the small TV and occasional weird smell coming from outside haha. I felt like a zombie waiting for time to pass and tired of watching people sleep. One of the more cool things that happened was the picture below - we were traveling so fast and all I could see were different shades of green in the windows passing by. I was groggy by 6 a.m. from no sleep, hypnotised and in a twilight zone hahaha.


7 a.m. Arrive in Bolinao
Fast forward to stretching my legs and standing on not-so-shaky ground, all I remember was walking towards this church. It's called Saint James the Great Parish.


We exited from the gate left of this picture and had breakfast!


There's nothing like eating beef tapa after that long journey. Haha. One consequence of being awake for all those hours was my tummy growling constantly from hunger..


Only after that did I realize that I finally made it to another part of the Philippines on an impromptu trip haha. Bolinao - never did I realize that I'll meet you this soon.


8:30 a.m. Pickup to Resort
The Puerto del Sol van picked us up from the church and took us to two interesting places that were on the way to the resort. Waterfalls


9:10 a.m. Stopover #1 - Tara Falls!
The van drop-off is here out of nowhere..


You walk a few meters then you'll see this staircase and you'll hear the sound of water from a distance.


A few more steps down and you'll start to see bits of it..


I think more than a hundred steps haha. Basta, you'll get there!


Tada! Tara Falls in Bolinao!


I took some photos and did get into the water just to sit. Some parts were rocky, slippery or deep. 


I liked the tail / stream part to the right of this picture where the water is shallow and flowing. It's a bit too hot and open though so, you-know, sure nognog hehe. We were already ready to go by 9:40!


10:20 a.m. Stopover #2 - Samang Norte Bolinao Falls!
We got to the van, still dripping (nowhere to change) and off to the second waterfalls in Bolinao! I think I dozed off a little even in that condition due to lack of sleep haha. When we got to the drop-off for the second falls, we paused for some P15 halo-halo. It becomes good, especially if you can't take the heat of the sun anymore. 


We rented a big tube here as well to take with us to the falls (too big, rent a smaller one, most parts of the falls is deep for me).


You have to go down these steps


and walk on makeshift bridges to get to the tables and reach the falls.


On the right side, there's this.


If you walk a little farther to the left, you'll get here (catch basin of the one on top picture).


Here's a view from the shaded top tables. We stayed here until 12 p.m.

bolinao-samang norte-falls.jpg

12:50 p.m. Arrive at Hotel



cable TV, ref,


toilet and bath. Oh, I so wanted to sleep but there's still half a day left haha. I got to take a bath and freshen up though so I survived.


3:20 p.m. Wonderful Cave
After lunch at the restaurant, we went to the Wonderful Cave (which was only 10 minutes away by van from the hotel). Puerto del Sol Resort has tour packages like ours from this point on for its guests. They also have packages for the waterfalls tour whole day. For our tour starting from the Wonderful Cave, it's called Patar Land Tour, Cost: P300.00 per person with service (van), P175.00 without service, minimum of 5 people per trip, I think entrance is already included.


The son of the man who discovered it in his property showed us around. We just walked past his house and headed straight to a short path they created for the cave. There's an entrance fee of about P70 for walk-in guests.


It's really just a small hole and you just walk down around 20 steps.


You can opt not to go if you have a bad knee


but the place did not disappoint.


The water was super clear (fresh and cold) and we did float easily (water is around 4-5 feet deep when we came). I can stay here all day, do a cave party =) They shot some scenes here in a movie before. Kuya took us to a small secret chamber. He also told us that there's an underwater hole which will lead to a bigger cave (where they shot Born to be Wild (I think June 15, 2011 Caves and Rays episode) according to Kuya).


4:10 p.m. Patar Rock Formations and Sea Cave
Ten minutes away from the Wonderful Cave is the Sea Cave (at the beach). I think it was high tide so we weren't able to go all the way to the cave. I heard you can do an overnight there.


It's at the right side of this picture after the edge after the formation out in the sea.


We walked to the top of this cottage instead owned by Puerto del Sol to get an amazing view of everything around us. The feeling of tracing of the Philippines that I talked about at the start of this Bolinao post? I felt it here. You see the girl in the picture, she's "studying for a test" with this view! Talk about the calm and the quiet!


To my left as I face the South China Sea, there are some of the Patar rock formations and the Sea Cave.


To my right are more rock formations and a slightly bigger beach. 


It's great to come out here with friends =) 


4:45 p.m. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Ten minutes away from the rock formations by van is the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, also in Patar. It's the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines after the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos Norte. 


5:10 p.m. Patar White Beach
We raced against time (5 minutes by van) to get to the Patar Beach. You know you're there when you see these shops.


You can opt to stay in the tables


or head straight to the sand like me. Haha. They call it a white beach although I wasn't sure about the color as it was getting dark pretty fast. I was also getting dizzier by the minute haha.


Here's another shot.


You see we were in Patar Beach for the Bolinao sunset!


We watched the sun go down and I actually slept for a while there in the cold sand - all beat after surviving for so long in the heat and doing all those fun stuff without sleep! Haha. Good thing that recharged me a little for dinner and pool time at Puerto del Sol Resort later that night hehehe.


This is just Day 1 of my Bolinao Pangasinan Series. Check out my Bolinao Day 2 Post and a tour of Puerto del Sol Resort for lots of room options and my suggestions =)

What about you, have you been to Bolinao or any part of Pangasinan? Any other interesting places to visit in this province? If not, would you like this Bolinao itinerary? What other activities would you add? Would you have slept or kept yourself awake for this one day? Haha. I'd love to hear from you below =) 


  1. Wow... sarap naman ng bakasyon!

  2. ganda gusto ko din makapunta dunsa cave..napanood ko din yun sa Born to be Wild.. :)

  3. I like how you conceptualized your posts. My family also loves going to places as in lakwatsa! We've been to Pangasinan many times but have not been here. Quotation for the rooms? Thanks much and keep posting :)

    jackie of

    1. hi jackie! you can check out my next post for the rates:

  4. Wow! Great post and photos! I like the places you've been to..and that sunset is amazing! :)

  5. Thanks much for the follow up post regarding room quotations (nosebleed for the prices). lols. But very nice view, especially the jacuzzi. Keep the "traveling posts" coming! :)

    1. u can try the dorm rooms ;) cheaper and more fun if you go in a group =)

    2. Hi... do you know any dorm type accommodations for a group of 15? Or cheap family rooms? Thanks

    3. Hi, Hyman. Puerto del Sol has. That's the only one I could think of at the moment and it's cheap already at less than P1000 per person.

  6. This review makes me want to go there. I havent been to Pangasinan yet, well if given the chance I would also use this itinerary, cheap day tour in fairness eheheh. Im not so sure what to add though but definitely I always keep myself awake and active in any vacations. You get to go there, why sleep when it's not yet night time right? sayang sa time, unless you're there for relaxation :D

    1. oo iba talaga pag linulubus-lubos. kahit walang tulugan ok lang pero ngarag hahaha. pag nabore ka mafefeel mo yung antok hehe.

  7. Ive been to Pangasinan last 2011 with my friends, we've visited almost all of the places you listed here :) My fave part is the Wonderful Cave, the guides also told us that Marina or Dyesebel filmed there (i forgot the details hahaha)

    I recommend you to try Hundred Island hopping hehe and go to the island with cave that you can jump from its highest point. it was like cliff jumping! hahaha it was a great experience. (i also forgot the name of the island :( )

    I will definitely go back there and explore all night =D

    1. oooh sayang medyo biglaan kasi cya tsaka bad ang geography ko dun ko lang nalaman na malapit pala hundred islands haha.

  8. I've also visited Bolinao and puerto del sol. Coming from Manila, it was really worth the trip. I'll definitely go back there again.

  9. I've been to pangasinan and we also stayed in puerto del sol. The place was just relaxing and beautiful. We went to Wonderful Cave too. I love swimming there. The water is so clear. We had limmited time so we did't have time to explore like you did.
    I will be back here surely!

  10. never been here i want to go here too :)

  11.'re lucky to go anywhere in different places. I've been to Pangasinan but not to explore the place we're just visiting some relatives and I missed the opportunity to go around. Wow, you're awesome and you really love our place, Philippines. ;)

  12. I have not been to Bolinao or any part of Pangasinan. Why not visit the Shrine of our Lady of Manaoag?

  13. I've been to Pangasinan a long time ago =)(2001). I forgot the name of the place, sorry =)
    I wish I can also visit the caves, falls and witness the sunset in Bolinao.

  14. What about you, have you been to Bolinao or any part of Pangasinan?
    -Sadly, I've never been to any part of Pangasinan
    If not, would you like this Bolinao itinerary?
    - Definitely! It covers a lot of activities in a short period of time. I would definitely love to see the Tara and Samang Norte Bolinao Falls!
    What other activities would you add?
    -If I could squeeze in some more activities, I'd love to add cliff diving if that's possible. Or maybe a bonfire on the glistering sands of Patar White Beach for something romantic.
    Would you have slept or kept yourself awake for this one day? Haha. I'd definitely be wide awake out of sheer excitement! I'd just get sleep on the way back to Manila. Haha

  15. Nakapunta na ko sa Pangasinan pero mostly sa Manaoag lang syempre to visit Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine. Gusto ko lagi yung maliliit na puto nila. MAsarap hehe Gusto ko rin sana makapasyal sa Hundred Islands kasi di pa ko nakakarating dun. Sana magawa ko someday hehe

  16. I haven't been to Bolinao but I've been to Dagupan and San Carlos City when I was younger. I accompany my dad while he was on field work. I haven't explored Pangasinan yet but I heard that Hundred Island is one of the tourist attraction there. And yes, I like your itinerary. Hopefully someday I can also visit Bolinao and use your IT. I would kept myself awake for a day just to maximize my time here. :)

  17. havn't been there but I'd love to swim

  18. Havn't been there but I want to experience it too esp the Wonderful Cave. So much fun to do so I'll keep myself awake all day long. i'll just sleep in the bus:)

  19. You're so lucky to visit these places. Never been there.I hope soon.

  20. If you have time. Can you give me the total expenses. If you're too generous please breakdown the expenses. Thank you so much

    1. hi edward. i put my expense breakdown - which is the bus fare only since this was a sponsored trip. you can check the hotel rates then add in a bit for transportation to the places you want to go to..

    2. How much yung room for over nite

    3. hi. you can find the rates during my stay here:

  21. Hi. I've been to Bolinao once, but I haven't heard of these places like the falls, coves, lighthouse etc. since we have limited time lang, daytour lang kami. Im just really curious, how'd you get sa mga place na ito? is it included sa package/accommodation nyo sa Puerto del sol? coz I saw na transportation nila yong ginamit nyo sa pagpunta sa isa sa mga falls and sinundo din nila kayo. Thank you. :)

    1. Hi! Yup they were all included. I'm sure they could help you with the land arrangements as well, just ask =)

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  23. Meron po bang CR na pwedeng pagpalitan dun sa Bolinao Falls?

    1. hi, meron namang structures doon so meron makeshift nga lang. yung sa tara falls wala

  24. Enjoyed reading your post. I've never been to Bolinao and we are thinking of staying at Puerto del Sol. Got some ideas of what to do while there.

  25. Planning to visit Bolinao this June.

    May I ask, nung pinickup kayo ng puerto del sol service and as you mentioned you visited the falls in Bolinao, did they charge you with that?

    1. hi! it was part of our media itinerary. better to ask them direct for current inclusions pero on the way naman cya so i think ok lang na hindi ka icharge =)

  26. Hi, meron bang pedeng pagbanlawan sa samng norte falls? Tnx


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