Guimaras Mango Festival Harvest and Manggahan Eat-All-You-Can Experience!

I've been thinking about going to the Guimaras Manggahan Festival for years. Finally, my long-time dream to go with Jeff has come true! My grandma used to feed the sweetest mangoes during our weekly visits to her and we usually couldn't reach it freely since she would ripen it on top of the warm part of the fridge. Haha. I brought these memories with me and prepared for the Mango Eat-All-You-Can activity (by not eating mangoes for a few weeks)! Luckily, I found about the Mango Harvest and Pay Experience as well, which was the best part for me. The festival happens from May 11 to May 22 every year.


Where to Eat in Jeonju - Best Gongnamul Gukbap Experience for Breakfast at the Jeonju Nambu Market!

This is Harry from our Jeonju tour! From Seoul, he drove us all the way there and introduced us to his top 3 places to eat in Jeonju city =) Somehow, walking in an sleeping traditional market made the experience more memorable and just chill for my mom and I. This was my first time to try Kongnamul Gukbap or Korean beansprout soup! Jeonju is famous for this dish, as well as the Makgeolli restaurant type of food I told you about in my previous post.

Where to Eat in Jeonju - Yummy Yetchon Makgeolli Restaurant!

I am currently back in Korea for KCLIP 2018 and it's a wonderful place to start in Jeonju as it is being dubbed "the gastronomical capital of Korea"! I've been to Jeonju more than once and the most memorable for me was when I arranged for a trip for me and my mom with This is Korea's Harry as our private guide. He showed us his top 3 places to eat in Jeonju and this is number ONE on his list, which quickly became mine as well. I would recommend bringing a lot of people with you to share a night at Yetchon Makgeolli Restaurant.

Where to Find the Gimhae Airport Limousine Bus near Busan Station!

I always go back to the Seoul (Incheon) or Busan (Gimhae) airport via bus. Although I can get there via subway or metro and the airport express trains, I don't want to lug around my big luggage (plus backpack) and walk up and down the stations - not to mention all the transfers and scarcity of elevators and escalators at the direction I want per station. If possible, this will also be a factor in choosing the hotel for that last day or for the whole trip - how close is the airport bus stop. During this trip, I spent a lot of time looking for the Gimhae Airport Limousine Bus Stop online but no useful information on where it is exactly. I tried the one over in front of the Lotte Hotel Seomyeon before also but I didn't want to stay in Seomyeon during this trip. And so two days before my departure date, I asked the information counter over at the Busan Station (as in KTX) and just got it's near Busan Station Metro Exit 6 with her limited English! I went to the site personally to find the bus sign and got the time table for a trouble-free departure day. =) Good news is I got to the airport in 40 minutes (without traffic) and the bus was right on time! So here are some of my tips and hopefully, some pictures to give you a glimpse about my experience.


Part II - Korea Folk Village Minsokchon in Yongin, the Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung Palace in Gyeonggi-do and Other Suggestions!

For Part II of our 1-day Gyeonggi Province itinerary, we went to the Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung Palace and the Korean Folk Village (Minsokchon) in Yongin. I've already been to both locations before and just a couple of hours for both is surely not enough, esp. if you're a fan of K-dramas and want the old Korean village of the Joseon Dynasty feel (or want to see some characters or join some activities). So for accommodations (I am for staying more than one night in Suwon so that you can see the fortress light up at night and explore more! Hehe.), I would suggest the Hotel Prumir where we stayed =)


Part I - My 1-Day Gyeonggi-do Experience Near Seoul, Gangneung and Pyeongchang - the Gwangmyeong Cave Theme Park!

Gyeonggi province surrounds the city of Seoul and one of the things I like about it is that the subway reaches Suwon (and Everland which is in Gyeonggi-do also)! For our last day on this trip, we visited all these sites in Gyeonggi that you might want to explore too! Part I is about Gwangmyeong Cave, which is located near The Grand Masterpiece Media Art Exhibit.


Play Time at the Gangneung Ice Arena and the Gangneung Hockey Centre!

When in Korea, two important sayings to remember are to have fun and be open to new experiences! Just picture a day like this in Gangneung - one of the three cities hosting the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and Paralympics! The new ice sport facilities are world-class and high-tech and what's good about the Olympics is that they have a long-term plan for the sites even after the games! Soon, the public will be able to skate here in Gangneung!