Trying Out Breakfast Wrap Hack - How to Fold a Burrito or Wrap!

On a work day, I usually allot just around 30 minutes for breakfast. On rare occasions, I get up earlier and cook! I found this popular hack that was trending in Tiktok (I forgot which food subscription site where I saw it and who said it...) and wanted to try it out hahaha. We had a wrap in the fridge and I always find it hard to “wrap” so that the things don’t fall off and get messy while eating. So this is what happened..


Date Night at Alishan and Dean & Deluca Scout Rallos!

Some weekdays are for office days then date night right after! We just went to Alishan and Dean & Deluca Scout Rallos in Quezon City! I was actually on official business to claim my first 2021 prize hehe. Alishan Philippines had a giveaway on Instagram and I won! Alishan Taiwan is part of the Dean & Deluca group - this I learned when they were supposed to open beside each other in Greenhills.


Sundays are for Chinese Food!

I woke up with an urge to go out someplace far with J. We used to travel to somewhere we haven’t been to impromptu for our meals. Sadly, the place that I wanted to go to was fully booked until March 2021 after I called to ask if they needed bookings. 😧 I ended up just staying at home and spending quality time with my sis (plus finished my house work)! For dinner though, I thought I’d catch up on my Chinese food cravings hihi.


Short BK GK Getaway Deals - Popeyes Chicken Philippines and Landers Pasig!

Short walks with J got me through the week. Today, we drove to Arcovia City in Pasig and ended up in Louisiana chain Popeyes for lunch. It’s just a short walk from Landers Pasig. The ambiance was light, spacious and diner-like, which reminds me of our honeymoon trip to the US.



2021 has been a tough year so far and it hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. I can feel myself slipping away physically and emotionally, even crying nonstop for hours. So far, listening to meditation music helped calm me down last night and letting everything go. I thought about writing again now and I believe it’s helping. In front of me is a huge Chili’s unli chips and salsa and my Shirley temple. I long for simple days like this, just partying by myself with chill house music and not thinking about anything or anybody else. 


My Biryani Bros Indian Food Manila Delivery Experience!

Restaurant hopping has always been our couple thing to do as a short getaway from our hectic work in the last few years. Jeff and I would go from cuisine to cuisine, as well as trying out new restaurants in our neighborhood. Today, with the pandemic, while we are voluntarily confined to the safety of our home (most of the time), we had to find some restaurants who deliver so that we don’t go crazy on what to cook every single day. Home food businesses also began popping out and this is how I found out about Biryani Bros! Check out my unboxing video of this delicious meal on my YouTube channel and send me a little love by subscribing! 💕


What I’ve Learned in 2020

2020 has been good to me so far. Time slowed down and it forced me to think more about my life, my goals, my activities, my health, my priorities and my relationships. How’s life been so far? At first it was scary and seemed so uncertain that I found myself paralysed and if not, panicking on the many things I still have to do with work. The first brave thing I did and the turning point was to cut my hair! I felt like me again after so long!