Wisdom Tooth Removal at Smiles R Us Dental Clinic in Shaw Mandaluyong - What I Did and Things I Have Learned!

People like to see other people in pain. That's what J jokingly told me, to document and vlog about this. Haha. In truth, I just figured I'd write all the pain away and to cope with this recent stress I put my body through. I'd like to think that I've taken very good care of my teeth since I was young, brushing frequently and no braces (yey!). I used to stay away from removing impacted wisdom tooth because I thought it was just a fad so that dentists can squeeze more money out of you. And I am 15 to 20 years too late to realize that my recent years could have been pain-free, if I had them removed all at once instead of three times. Because the worst is over, I'd like to share with you my journey and tips if ever you have to go through with it yourself. Nothing beats a major surgery to make you rethink about all your choices. I was so scared until I thought about trusting my doctor and I thought that I have lived my life guiltlessly (if anything were to happen). 


My ATI Calabarzon Blog Training Seminar Experience!

What happens when you compress ten fruitful blogging years in one day? Info overload, I’m thinking! I expressed all my thoughts into writing my notes and the Google slides for around a week then talked from morning to the whole afternoon at the recently held ATI Calabarzon Blogging and Vlogging Training Seminar 😆 I was able to reflect on what I have learned, where I started and how to move forward on my 10th year as a travel blogger for around two months before the event! It’s quite transforming and surprising, I must say haha. Here are some event highlights for Day 1. The next day, I am joining the vlogging intro so that I can decide to incorporate it or not in the future.


Online Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki and Tataki Kyuri Cooking Class by Japan ByFood and SimplyOishii from Tokyo!

I recently just returned from a virtual cooking class with Japan ByFood and Miyuki-san of SimplyOishii in Tokyo, Japan! Let me take you on an Osaka-style okonomiyaki making experience and a side dish called Tataki Kyuri or Japanese pounded cucumber pickle! You can look forward to a cooking class in Tokyo with Miyuki-san in the future or an online class like me in the meantime 😉


More ATI Seminars and Training Programs Go Online and On Radio!

Hi, Guys! We're going towards our third month of being in quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus. I've been busy with work still, unfortunately, and squeeze in cooking for survival and fun in my home. I've resigned to just gaining stock knowledge on what I eat and what I want to eat in the future, completing and learning more about my growing spice collection and herb processing in my spare time. In my last post, I talked about free online organic farming courses by the Agricultural Training Institute. With its success, the ATI is once again using information and communications technology to modify the "old" face-to-face training and increase knowledge on agriculture nationwide with the launch of various alternative learning opportunities and school-on-the-air programs to the public for free! I was really delighted when I started to see other ATI Regions come up with interesting ideas like recipes, contests that broaden your knowledge on plant identification and simple food growing techniques that resound with a city girl like me. I hope they continue on giving urban agriculture starter kits as well as these are my kind of "ayuda" - the ayuda that cost less, the ayuda that will teach people, rich or poor, the value of food security and the ayuda that will keep on giving and sustain by itself in the years to come.

Free Organic Farming Online Courses by ATI Extension E-Learning To Do during ECQ!

Most of us are forced to stay at home as part of our contribution to this COVID-19 health crisis happening worldwide. If you’ve done some cooking, baking, working from home, cleaning, exercising, reading, homeschooling, watching Netflix, binge eating or none of the above, here’s another activity you might want to consider. Thousands of Pinoys are checking out ATI’s free e-learning courses at the moment! The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) is the Philippine Department of Agriculture’s training arm for farmers and enthusiasts in the Philippines nationwide. They are offering more than 60 courses about crops, urban gardening, beekeeping, livestock, marine and fisheries (like seaweed farming), social technology (food safety, costing), entrepreneurship (marketing) and sustainable agriculture (like vermicompost and how to make fertilizers). You can take up as much courses as you want, for FREE, at your own pace, on your own time and at your own place. And even after the ECQ has been lifted, you can still continue the courses, go forth and explore organic farms around the country or world (like me, check out my organic journey posts), eat healthily and/or start your own little farm/garden at home from what you have learned.

Forest Wood Garden Farm Tour and Rambutan Picking in San Pablo Laguna!

J and I spent 3 days last year to go a short tour of Quezon and San Pablo, Laguna. The highlights include him driving to Villa Escudero (because I wanted him to experience my childhood memory of the place) then to Sulyap Bed and Breakfast where we stayed in an old restored house with a fun historical museum and Casa San Pablo which had a very romantic ambiance for dinner. We wanted to go to the Forest City Restaurant for their mushroom specialties but it was already time to go home and they were fully booked! This time around, with the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), I got to experience the other and original Forest Wood Garden first (the Frago family farm) in a whole new different level (not just sitting down and eating) by go hiking in their forest and pick my first rambutan!! Haha.