An Outdoor Team Building Challenge near Tagaytay & Travel Adventure at Kampo Trexo with Pioneer Insurance!

Two of the things I'm scared about when I travel are getting hurt and getting sick. These fears guide me to choose which activities I would do, what to bring and what to eat on my trips. I have my moments of courage and curiosity though which take over and I allow myself to plunge into the unknown, do what I've never done and live my life to the fullest. I've discovered in this latest trip what it means to have others have your back, look out for you and have some financial assistance at an affordable price (and peace of mind) if ever something bad happens. On this day, I teamed up with 4 other bloggers to do the Pioneer Travel Buddy Challenge at Kampo Trexo in Alfonso, Cavite.


Update: My World of Wonder - Life's #Wonderful Moments #travelPAL #agodaPH

I came across Globe's World of Wonder site recently and it made me stop and think for a bit about the things that make my world wonderful. I've embraced travel and love in my life and I guess it shows haha. I travel even if I'm home and I invite love to come along when I'm off to somewhere old or new.


Four Seasons Hotpot City by Vikings Buffet Lunch and Dinner Offerings in Manila and Quezon City!

During a rainy day like this, all I want is a steaming bowl of soup - even better when the soup base is already there and I get to put in what I want until I surrender from food coma! Haha. Whatever the season or occasion, the newly opened Four Seasons Hotpot City at Manhattan Parkview in Cubao might be a good choice because they have both the hotpot and buffet part with unlimited drinks included in the rates already. The spread is international and they also have a taste of Pinoy desserts for your guests. I'm here to give you a tour because I love going around before I choose in a buffet hehe. I've discovered some that I don't see in usual buffets and hotpot selections and I actually love the thought that went into providing kiddie dining sets here. 


Spanish Food in Manila and Fangirl Moment at the Alqueria Restaurant in SM Mega Fashion Hall!

A Spain trip is on the works for me soon this year hehe. And from what I've heard, Barcelona alone already promises a culinary adventure and a week may not be enough! What more the other neighboring cities?! While waiting, I dropped by Alqueria Restaurant in SM Megamall for a taste of Spanish-inspired dishes from the SumoSam Group of Restaurants :) We're no strangers to paella and all other dishes initially borrowed from Spanish influences. I thought I'd only have tapas and churros but I was a bit speechless with the special company of one fellow Pinoy travel blogger that I admire from afar. Hehe. Hopefully, I get to visit an actual alqueria in Spain and have awesome company who loves travel as much as I do and who I can learn from like this day... :)


Savoring the Healthy Flavors of Thailand at the Mango Tree Restaurant Manila (Plus Recipes)!

I'm excited to go back to Thailand this December! I'd only been to Bangkok once for a short trip and I remember plenty of delicious food! When I got back, J and I frequent Thai Dara here in N. Domingo before they transferred to Kapitolyo. It's been a while though coz we have lots of other cuisines competing for our attention nowadays. A great reminder just came along this month when Mango Tree Restaurant invited me to this mindful eating talk with speaker Lia Bernardo. Oh, how fitting it was to reunite my senses to the unique flavors of Thai food, to ignite my curiosity for the classic food ingredients (as well as herbs and spices) one can find in Thailand and much more (I have some recipes in my post too below) :) I know more or less what to add to my itinerary while I'm there now haha.


BBQ Picnic Party at the Club ES Resort in Northern Chungcheong - near Chungju Lake in Korea!

I had a conversation with Mr. Kim of the Korea Tourism Organization Cheongbuk-do Division while we were having a BBQ party and I asked him his favorite place in Korea and why. He told me he liked Jecheon because it's called the Healing City and it's very true for him. I guess that warrants a second look at the Northern Chungbuk Province on what cool things and experiences it has to offer. This province is located between Seoul and Busan and can be reached via Korail. We spent our last night at a Korean-style resort villa in the Club ES Resort near Chungju Lake. And I wouldn't mind going back to this place because I had some memorable experiences here ;) 

Many thanks to our wacky driver and guide ;)