Alomah's Place EcoTrail Farm Tour in Dahilayan, Bukidnon!

As I sit here now blogging, I am munching on lumpiang Shanghai and generously dipping each one into Alomah's very versatile garden salad dressing I brought home with me to Manila from our eventful CDO-Bukidnon farm trip. The taste is quite unique and still familiar, it goes well with both healthy and unhealthy food haha. Alomah's Place, like I told you in my previous post, is a serene and beautiful haven in Bukidnon. Their produce and products maybe we can only catch if they join some Region X (Northern Mindanao - Bukidnon) trade fairs in Manila. But for an all-out farmstay experience, I highly suggest going to Dahilayan in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon personally, after reading my sunrise ecotrail farm learning tour below ;) I loved the fresh air there and the edible landscaping most.


Stay at Alomah's Place in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon - Recommended Organic Farm for Groups! Optional Overnight Camping Experience in Dahilayan!

One of the loveliest experiences I had during this first CDO-Bukidnon trip has got to be our overnight stay at Alomah's Place in the adventure park zone of Barangay Dahilayan in Manolo Fortich. I owe my first encounter with a Pinoy cowboy and cowgirl living in a picturesque landscape and my first sleepover in a tent floor to ATI (Agricultural Training Institute of the Philippine Department of Agriculture) and of course, Mr. Benjohn and and Mrs. Grace Alombro-Mahistrado. =) They gave us a walkthrough of the market challenges they faced as farmers and how their farm evolved in less than a year into what it is today with the assistance of ATI and suggestions from different people they first opened their place to. The guided ecotrail tour that followed the next morning (read about it in my next Alomah's Place post) made me think about seeking out more natural adventures as best as I can (coz it's my kind of high here in the Philippines instead of today's swinging contraptions). Alomah's Place is an agri tourism site in Bukidnon, easily accessible an hour or two away by car from Cagayan de Oro. I would gladly bring my mom or friends here for some bukid-life R&R, no-frills bonding, tents-and-all camping or casitas if they wish, no-signal retreat time or plenty-of-quiet-corners recollection training. And if you a thrill-seeker and really came here for the Dahilayan Adventure Park, I would recommend that you stay here (very affordable) and also make time for the Dahilayan Forest Park.


Square Foot Farming at the Cervantes Farm in Cagayan de Oro City!

After being cooped up in the office for more than four months, I finally got to fly again - to a fun place that J says he wouldn't mind going back to with me! He went on a CDO-Camiguin adventure a few years ago and I may have purposely missed it coz I didn't want the white water rafting and physical stuff way back then. Haha. I guess I prefer the sometimes rigorous (long walking under the sun) but educational farm trips spearheaded by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) of the Philippine Department of Agriculture (see my label under Organic Journey for more farms I visited around the country). ;) A boodle fight feast (!) at the Cervantes Farm is our official welcome to Cagayan de Oro city. The slow and still-city setting lunch and introduction to square foot urban gardening (farming using a little space) perfectly eased my transition from Manila lifestyle to a more simple way of living in the countryside. Our 4D3N CDO-Bukidnon itinerary was jampacked with farms with interesting agricultural practices and forest encounters this time! :)


French Food at the Nostalgia Lounge Restaurant in Ortigas!

One of the cuisines I have yet to appreciate is French food. There are not a lot of French restaurants that I know of in Manila and France is far away. What comes to mind though are escargot, pate, fois gras, confit, cheese, pastries, macaroons, wine and chocolates! The Nostalia Lounge with French Chef Jerome Cartailler are having a Paris-themed menu until the end of this month. J couldn't get over the appetizers while I delightfully munched on the mains and a bit of dessert ;)


Playing with Virtual Reality Apps and the VR Cardboard Box from Long Live Play Manila!

Technological advances are becoming out of this world so fast. Sometimes, I can't quite keep up to date with even the basic stuff haha. I've just been introduced to the world of VR (virtual reality) through my friend who brought a very affordable foam cardboard VR headset to Manila! I used to see images of Google goggles and Google cardboard only on social media and now, one can now find a simpler version of a lightweight DIY virtual reality headset for sale here in the Philippines through the Long Live Play PH store. Some of the available free apps in the market are very entertaining. After a long and taxing month (and without a plan to head outside due to the intense heat), I found myself tinkering with smartphones to have a very exploratory 3D experience at home. I VRed all my April stress and troubles away LOL. I also got with me the smallest bluetooth controller (in the world?) which can be paired to play some VR games (or navigate some apps) and my favorite feature is the shutter control for my camera ;) Check out my silly side below haha. Warning: You can easily spend lots of hours immersed in your own bubble with this one while your friends laugh at you if you only have one unit haha. It's fun for everybody either way so find out below on how you can score one of these VR headsets from me! ;)


The Road Ahead

I'm getting married! Yes, I can finally say that out loud haha. These past few months have been a whirlwind for me and today I take a breather from all the busyness to write down some of the things I am about to face in the next months, esp. with regards to all my wedding preps next year. In just a few months, my journey has expanded to educating myself and being almost like a CPA (Certified Parang Accountant), (still) organizing events and doing my best to prepare to be a missus (you might see more of this in the blog hehe). I was initially overwhelmed when it came to readying myself for that life-changing day. Due to my crazy schedule, I haven't done long trips for 3 months and found myself crankier by the day hahahaha.