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Meloy =)

Front Seat to the Desert Safari Tour, Various Sunset Activities and Dinner Under the Stars in Dubai!

The weather has been incredibly hot lately in Manila and so I always look forward to sunset. I had the same feeling when we went to Dubai. On the very first day, the adventure began late afternoon in the middle of nowhere - well, somewhere that only a few know exactly. Meteor Philippines arranged for a desert safari tour for us from Manila and we only had to wait until the hotel pickup time before the sun set that day and chilled in the desert until the stars came out.


The Steep Climb to See the Parrot's Beak Monolith at Mt. Pico de Loro

There are times when my adventures turn a bit risky on the spot. I still do my best but I listen to my body and honor it when the time comes so I don't regret anything. This is my latest Pico de Loro mountain climb from the campsite to the peak. The rock behind me (below) is the Parrot's Beak monolith that thrill-seekers attempt to climb.

Experiencing Cherry Blossoms Hanami at Maruyama Park in Sapporo & Tokyo Bubble Tea's Sakura Season!

Not that I've been to many places in Japan already but my current favorite has got to be Sapporo in Hokkaido. If you've noticed, my "favorites" are tied with super memorable experiences, most of them like my first times, dates with J, new discoveries, rediscoveries, finding my way or when I had a change of heart about something :) For Sapporo, I got a dose of what they call "hanami" or cherry blossom watching in Japan. Since I can't zap myself there this year, I try to find similar experiences in Manila that make me reminisce about the real thing. Just in time because Tokyo Bubble Tea has sakura-inspired (cherry blossom) concoctions for this summer :)


Yummy Mediterranean Food in Manila - Restaurant Tapenade in Discovery Primea Makati!

When I'm back here in Manila, one of my favorite things to do is have an impromptu date with J! Haha. The latest restaurant that opened is Tapenade at Discovery Primea by the Discovery Leisure Company. We braved the busy streets of Makati and drove to Apartment Ridge Road to get here (the other entrance of the building is at Ayala Avenue but for cars, the parking entrance is at the back). After one meal, this all-day Mediterranean restau quickly became one of my favorite dating experiences in Manila this year. It's not only the food though that's up to my liking, the service of the staff, the ambiance and their unique offerings kept me interested throughout the meal. And I'd like to thank them for offering me a Pashmina shawl on a tray (no other restaurant has ever done that for me so you guys deserve this big thank you!) ;)


Pico de Loro Mountain Climbing Terrain - A Peek Into Our Mt. Palay-Palay Trekking Route From Nasugbu with Some Reminders

This was my third attempt to climb a mountain in the Philippines with the same set of friends. We planned for a day hike to Pico de Loro (actually Mt. Palay-Palay) this time around! After Mount Pulag and Mt. Batulao, the burning question as to whose crazy idea was this still lingers with every step. I initially thought we were going to Pico de Loro Country Club Hamilo Cove so I said yes. But then I was shy to take back my word and forgot about the details of the previous climb. Haha. Yes, I can laugh about it now. During D-day though, this was what happened...


ASEAN Training Talk on Blogging about Organic Agriculture and the New ATI Learning and Discovery Center in Quezon City!

One of the most fun and self-learning experiences I've had so far this year was speaking for fellow Asians at the Agricultural Training Institute of the Philippine Department of Agriculture. This particular training was conducted here as part of the agreement and participation of the Philippines with the ASEAN. It's surreal and the opportunities keep evolving - what all that travel blogging has taken me so far. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ATI for my organic journeys around the Philippines. My life was truly changed from that moment you introduced traveling to farms to me. For a bite of that experience here in Manila, let me just tell you guys that they've just opened the ATI Learning and Discovery (LeAD) Center for students and the public at their compound in Quezon City. Some of the farms and farmers we went to are featured there and there are dioramas related to Philippine agriculture and dissemination of agri information in the country.


#WhereToNext? Costa Rica and the US with #Airbnb! #AirbnbPH

Time flies by so fast. It's almost April and it will soon be the Ber months. I don't usually plan this far ahead but my 2-week trip to Costa Rica with Frontier UK (wee!) is fast approaching (3rd Quarter of this year) and I want to add in a side-trip to San Francisco (fly out back to Manila) along the way. Why? Well, there's no direct flight from Manila to Costa Rica and they have a lot of flights from Los Angeles (fly in from Manila) to the Puerto Jimenez airport so I'm just going to do it all together with few adjustments to the airfare. My living expenses in Costa Rica are all covered so I only have to worry about my accommodations in San Francisco =) I've found a few I'd like to try out so far with a particular budget and location in mind at Airbnb hehe.


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