Other Interesting Places in Busan - Check Out the Tea Ceremony, Lotte Outlets, The Bay 101 and Many More!

I can't believe they were able to squeeze in all these in our itinerary in Busan! Do you like to shop quality stuff, eat local food, visiting historical places or participating in cultural experiences more? This post covers 7 completely different places you might want to consider for your next Busan trip. Many thanks to the Korea Tourism Organization Manila Office and Asiana Airlines Philippines for taking me to these places!


Pine Island and Pine Tree Park in Busan for the Laid-Back Traveller - The Songdo Beach Skywalk and Songrim Park!

Aside from getting you directly to places on a private bus or car, one of the advantages of being in a tour is that you get a sneak peek of what that place has to offer in a short amount of time. And during those brief encounters, I am able to pick among them which ones I'd like to go back to, and giving myself all the time I want there, the next time I return. Let me take you to Songdo Beach, Korea's first public beach that opened in the early 1900s, the new Songdo Skywalk and a pine tree haven in Songrim Park!


Busan Seaside and Coastline: Checking Out the Oryukdo Skywalk, Haeundae Beach and Busan Sea Life Aquarium!

I heard someone say that maybe because we have so many beaches in the Philippines, going to Korea in summer for the famed Haeundae Beach wouldn't be as exciting. Busan is so close to the open sea and the cliffside views are a sight to see starting with the Oryukdo Skywalk. As for the beach, I liked it because it's in the city unlike ours (where the closest is around 3 to 4 hours from Manila), it's summer there when it's rainy here and there's an underground aquarium if it gets too hot.


What's New: Manila Food Trips with Italian, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Inspirations!

I'd like to let you in on these short Manila foodie adventures with J recently. The first one we had for breakfast after my workout one day in Greenhills, the second one for a late night dinner also in San Juan and the last for a dessert night out with fellow couples in Quezon City. And all three coincidentally have promos at the moment. ;)


Busan Food Guide and Unique Eats: Centumcity Recommendations, Goresa Fishcake Making Workshop and Crab Town Dinner in Gijang!

I left you with Shinsegae's Centumcity in my last post. Today, I'm going to tell you some of the recommended restaurants so that you know exactly where to find them in this huge mall (and the other two below somewhere in Busan as well). Hehe. We spent the rest of the afternoon making fishcakes (and eating them too!) in a store that's been around since 1963! And later on, I had the honor of dining with folks over at the Busan Tourism Organization in a lesser known crab town in this port city of Korea! It was such a wonderful experience just slowing things down and not eating regular tour food. I would gladly advise you to include this to your itinerary and specifically ask your travel agency to arrange this for you on your next trip ;)


Spa Land at Shinsegae Centum City - Recommended Korean Jjimjilbang Spa Experience in Busan!

When you go to Busan, one of the things I'd like to recommend is spending at least half a day at Shinsegae's Spa Land. Inspired by the Koreanovelas I used to watch, I've dreamed of experiencing jjimjilbang (Korean style spa) like the locals in Korea. Sadly, I can't speak fluent Korean yet and so it's very hard to just walk-in into an authentic traditional one with the bowl with steam sign (you see them everywhere) by myself without a local guide or friend. I've heard you can even stay for the night or do all your showering in this type of Korean spa if you don't have anywhere to go instead of a hotel or your home. SpaLand is not 24 hours but it is unique to Busan. It's a more high-end jjimjilbang and hot spring resort because they incorporated Western comforts and concepts from all over the world like the urban baths of Japan. It appears more expensive (it's located in Centum City which is one of the, if not THE, world's largest department store as of 2009) but maybe you'll say it's worth the penny when you experience it for yourself starting with none of that awkwardness because you're a foreigner. I've been here a few years ago and just came back this month. I must say that they've upgraded this place with more amenities and choices for their guests, esp. the topmost floor. You can definitely go here, armed with just enough Korean won and English only as they will take care of the rest ;)