Updated List of Philippine Holidays 2016, Officially 6 Long Weekends! Also, Holiday Pay Rules Chart

The Ber months are here and Christmas is near!!! Every year, we await the announcement of next year's holidays too haha =) I have the Philippine holidays listed here per date and per kind =) Also included the Philippine long weekend list for your 2016 travel plans... 

I discovered the Club ES Resort in Korea this year and this is just one of my fav getaways so far! 
Where are your Guiltless Getaways gonna be this 2016?

Lotte Hotel Buyeo Resort Condominium Luxury Suite Review - Overnight Stay in Chungcheongnam-do!

One of the hotels I've had a pleasure of staying at during my recent Korea trip was the Lotte Hotel in Buyeo. I enjoyed some leisure strolling at night after our day at the Haemi Fortress and the Solmoe Holy Ground in Chungnam. We travelled to Buyeo to check out a UNESCO heritage site the next morning (which was only 10 minutes away from this resort). Many thanks to the Provincial Government of Chungnam, the tourism representatives and the Korea Tourism Organization Daejeon - Chungcheongnam-do Group for this opportunity to experience a Korean-style condominium - my first experience of this was at a popular ski destination Daemyung Resort Sorak in Mt. Seorak near Seoul and Everland. This is a popular countryside accommodation alternative / option for local families and a group of friends. Let me show you around ;)


Interesting Places in Chungcheongnam-do and Chungcheongbuk-do near Seoul and Busan!

Fancy going on a Korea countryside experience? We were able to do this and more in around 2.5 days. Chungbuk Province (short for Chungcheongbuk-do) is around 1.5 hours away from Seoul via Korail (and Chungnam too) so it's not impossible to get there, probably more convenient to rent a car or tour company if you'd like to go to more places in this list. I would also like to introduce you to 2 condominium style resorts we stayed in both Chungnam and Chungbuk at for the whole package :)


The Shrine of Solmoe Pilgrimage Tour and Interesting Dinner in Chungnam, Korea!

I have a hard time remembering names, esp. Korean ones but the name Kim Dae-geon seem to be in my head recently. Perhaps, it's because it's tied to a memory and one that I wish to remember. We went to his old house and I just found myself slowing down, even for just a few minutes, during this busy trip. Solmoe might mean much more for some - more so if they were here during the Papal visit last 2014. We went here with representatives from the Korea Tourism Organization and the Chungcheongnam-do Promotion Office just a few weeks ago.


Day Tour in Chungcheongnam-do, Korea - Haemi Fortress Cultural Experience in Seosan City and 황토 우렁이 쌈밥 Fresh Water Snail Lunch!

Whenever I go to Korea, I usually stay in Seoul or Busan because I feel like there's so much I haven't gone to yet. I do go on day trips if I find a tour or someplace that piqued my attention. The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) took us to Seosan City this time in the province of Chungcheongnam via bus from Busan to visit the same pilgrimage sites as Pope Francis did just last year. From Seoul, you can just hop on a bus from the Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to the Seosan Bus Terminal and get there in about two hours. You can go to the Haemie Terminal Bus stop to get to the Seosan Haemieupseong Fortress in this post. You can also try the fresh water snail specialty of the restaurant beside it. ;)


The Happy Village 행복마을 Community Center in Busan!

This is going to be my last post on Busan for now. We were in for a surprise during this day! Let me tell you about a new place that's being developed mainly for foreigner spouses of Korean nationals. They have classes, workshops and get-togethers at The Happy Village building and a rooftop garden with a fantastic view. They also welcome travellers who want to do a short stay. :)

행복마을 busan.jpg