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List of Philippine Holidays 2015, Officially 9 Long Weekends! Also, Holiday Pay Rules Chart

August is almost here!!! I have the Philippine holidays listed here per date and per kind =) Also included the Philippine long weekend list for your 2015 travel plans... 

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Taekwondo Class at the Hyo Rim Taekwondo Academy in Busan and Yummy Korean Rice Burger!

After 2 weeks of no exercise (except walking) in Korea, my heart rate finally picked up today during Taekwondo class! Haha. I've always been fascinated with martial arts and I would take it as an elective if I could when I was still a student. I loved the forms and kicking but I was just scared of sparring during my Taekwondo class in college (coz I got hit in the head) so I didn't think about actually experiencing a class in Korea haha. It was fun to be introduced to it again after a long time.


Korean University Student Life in Busan - Hangul Class, K-Movie Miss Granny and Best Cheese Tteokbokki Delivery!

During my last 2 Busan trips, I've come to conclusion that there are not as many sights here than in vibrant Seoul or my trips were really short. So when I found out that the K-CLIP 2014 program is going to be held at Pusan National University, I said that maybe I could appreciate Busan in a different light. Learning the Korean language (Hangeul / Hangul) has been in my list of things to do ever since I came here in 2009 because I've experienced how fun it is to travel around in China and other parts of Southeast Asia when I talk in Mandarin Chinese. There's no language barrier and you can freely express yourself in general. And so, I can say that I came here primarily to learn Hangeul in a university setting. In the last few 3 days, I've successfully (and finally) taken the first steps to fulfill that goal. I feel so lucky that the program includes much more than that and I will get to learn more about Korean culture from experts, meet more friends from 12 other countries and travel to cities near Busan as a bonus. On top of these, I also feel younger and this is like a blast from my past haha - being abroad, living simply with a roomie and hanging out in each other's dorm rooms.


International Language Institute Korean Language Classes at Pusan National University, Learning to Play the Korean Drum Janggu at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts in Busan!

Yesterday, we found out about our Korean class levels for the Korean Culture and Language (K-CLIP 2014) Immersion Program. Sadly, all the people in our little group are at the Intermediate and Advanced levels.. This will force me to make more friends though and take my studies seriously (thinking positive hehe). Because I was in full student mode, I was able to follow the fast pace. I'm so glad I took that free Hangeul class in Seoul as a starter. We also have Korean culture classes in the afternoon so for this day, we learned to play the Korean drums (used in samulnori) and sing folk songs at the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts here in Busan. I loved the beat I made with the Janggu most :)


My K-CLIP 2014 Experience in Busan, Korea - Korean Culture and Language Immersion Program at the Pusan National University!

Our K-CLIP 2014 (Korean Culture and Language Immersion Program) in Busan started yesterday. I've been excited for things to start for a few months now. This 15-day program is organized by the Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities (based in Korea). TPO is an international tourism organization with 72 member cities from all over the world (10 countries) and Manila is one of them. This post covers our opening day, placement tests and a Busan City Tour.


Crystal Jade Dining IN Fort - Cantonese Dimsum Buffet in Manila Every Weekend!

I was at Crystal Jade Dining IN at the Fort recently and it was kinda fun that got the chance to chat with Head Chef Lam about Cantonese food - particularly their current weekend dimsum buffet offerings. "Dimsum" if translated literally is like "touch of the heart or little morsels of love". It used to be just an added snack in the afternoon that has now evolved into a meal in itself. One can find a lot of these dishes (traditionally in trolleys) and the yumcha phenomenon in Hong Kong and Cantonese restaurants.


Italian Food Festival - The Oakroom Ortigas Italian Buffet Every Saturday at Oakwood Manila!

Ever get that automatic love for something you have just heard about? Yep, that's what happens to me every time I experience something Italian (I haven't been to Italy yet and there must be a good experience in my past that influenced this...)! Add that to a very happy memory during this launch and I ended up being so present to every moment up to the last bite :) I took the opportunity to learn Italian words too because it's included in my language plans after Korean and Spanish hehe. Enjoy Sabato Cena Italiana ("Italian Dinner Saturdays") at Oakroom Ortigas from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. until August 30, 2014!


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