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#WhereToNext? Costa Rica and the US with #Airbnb! #AirbnbPH

Time flies by so fast. It's almost April and it will soon be the Ber months. I don't usually plan this far ahead but my 2-week trip to Costa Rica with Frontier UK (wee!) is fast approaching (3rd Quarter of this year) and I want to add in a side-trip to San Francisco (fly out back to Manila) along the way. Why? Well, there's no direct flight from Manila to Costa Rica and they have a lot of flights from Los Angeles (fly in from Manila) to the Puerto Jimenez airport so I'm just going to do it all together with few adjustments to the airfare. My living expenses in Costa Rica are all covered so I only have to worry about my accommodations in San Francisco =) I've found a few I'd like to try out so far with a particular budget and location in mind at Airbnb hehe.


Free Cool Travel Apps to Download on Your Mobile Phone To Try Out While You're on the Road!

I've recently read a comprehensive article about travel apps and how it can save you money on your trips. I haven't tried them for myself yet but I think somewhere in time, somebody thought of unburdening the plight of travellers through the smart use of technology. One of the coolest ones I've heard of before from Jaunted and I've been meaning to try is Airpnp! Ever had that need to pee and you don't know where to go? Haha. Here's my attempt of compiling that previous list and combining it with my own - those which sound brilliant to me and addresses a need I sometimes have while on the road (everything in that previous list sounded cool so it's here). I believe apps should be free to download for all (then if they want to add bookings after then it's fine) so that's a requirement here. I'll put everything in one place so that when the perfect opportunity comes, I can just revisit this post and remember which app depending on my need. I will also update this post if I find more apps =) Suggestions are also welcome in the comments (kindly indicate the app name, what it's for, compatibility and location available).

Photo from Airpnp page

Beijing March Weather, China Travel Tips and Things to Remember

I'm home-bound again waiting for take-off as I write this. I just spent almost a week in Beijing and it's weird to be connected again after having no access to Blogger, Gmail, Facebook and other sites that I don't really need to get around... This is part of my latest trip notes and things to remember list so that it's easier when I go back to China :) I hope it becomes useful to you too. 


Manila to Abu Dhabi to Dubai - Flight, Land Arrangement and Hotel near Dubai Mall!

I haven't thought of going to UAE (United Arab Emirates) this soon. Thanks to suggestion and arrangement made by our trusted Meteor Philippines in Manila, my long trip to Turkey was extended to a few days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi without adding any cost to airfare. This particular land operator's specialty is for wholesale and retail Mediterranean and European trips from Manila. They can do land arrangement to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and extended services to UAE and Europe. Their Holyland Tour came highly recommended.


Things to Do in Apulit Island Resort - Day 3 Activities at El Nido Resorts Palawan

I believe a major difference between Miniloc / Lagen island Resort to Apulit Island Resort (all operated by El Nido Resorts) is that when you stay at the latter, almost all the days will be spent on the island itself because of the numerous activities available to do at your own schedule (you can even arrange for guides a day before, sometimes on the day itself). This is the third and last installment of my trip where we did a beach picnic, kayaking, snorkeling, a daredevil limestone climbing stunt, rapelling and a bit more.


El Nido Resorts Apulit Palawan Tour Day 2 - Island Hopping Isla Blanca, Family Rooms and Other Things to Do at Apulit Island Resort

I've written about the many things I wanted to do at Apulit Island Resort given the chance. Alas! I was able to go there and experience it for myself (I got to cross a lot of things on that list!). One thing I've found out is the tranquility that the place provides given its remote location. Some may say that one should try all the activities if you go that far. This time around, we let nature and our moods take its course. For we went there both to explore, to relax and just take in what's in front of us at that particular moment and season in time. Island hopping was on the list, of course (but one is just enough for me), enough personal space and bonding with the family. I spent the rest of the day chillin' under the shade and comforts of the veranda of my water cottage while I await the newest baby of our extended family. I welcomed them and showed them the family room like I own the place hahaha.


Apulit Island Palawan Itinerary Day 1 - The El Nido Resorts Experience and Getting There

I spent a Christmas holiday at the El Nido Resorts-managed Apulit Island, formerly known as Club Noah. It is located a bit farther than the Miniloc and Lagen Island Resorts but still in Palawan. What's good about going during holidays are the numerous festivities and activities for the guests. Our first day was spent on flying from Manila, boat transfers, land transfers, settling in and enjoying the afternoon and night there. 


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