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Meloy =)

El Nido Resorts Apulit Palawan Tour Day 2 - Island Hopping Isla Blanca, Family Rooms and Other Things to Do at Apulit Island Resort

I've written about the many things I wanted to do at Apulit Island Resort given the chance. Alas! I was able to go there and experience it for myself (I got to cross a lot of things on that list!). One thing I've found out is the tranquility that the place provides given its remote location. Some may say that one should try all the activities if you go that far. This time around, we let nature and our moods take its course. For we went there both to explore, to relax and just take in what's in front of us at that particular moment and season in time. Island hopping was on the list, of course (but one is just enough for me), enough personal space and bonding with the family. I spent the rest of the day chillin' under the shade and comforts of the veranda of my water cottage while I await the newest baby of our extended family. I welcomed them and showed them the family room like I own the place hahaha.


Apulit Island Palawan Itinerary Day 1 - The El Nido Resorts Experience and Getting There

I spent a Christmas holiday at the El Nido Resorts-managed Apulit Island, formerly known as Club Noah. It is located a bit farther than the Miniloc and Lagen Island Resorts but still in Palawan. What's good about going during holidays are the numerous festivities and activities for the guests. Our first day was spent on flying from Manila, boat transfers, land transfers, settling in and enjoying the afternoon and night there. 


Oakwood Manila's New Nostalgia Dining Lounge in Ortigas!

Going out, even for a lunch, and talking about travel does wonders for a gal like me. It's always nice to be out with people from the hotel industry and fellow wanderers. I feel like myself again after weeks of being cooped up in a confined project space. The newest Nostalgia Dining Lounge was the perfect place to unwind and reminisce =)


My Recommended Ear Pieces and Gadgets for the On the Go Music Lover - Soundfreaq, Philips, Coloud, Bluetooth Speakers and Ear Plugs

Okay, so I'm taking this writing spree one post at a time! One thing that has constantly helped me is music. Let me tell you about a few thing-ah-majigs and gadgets I bring with me (at least one of these per trip) in my travels, at work and at home. Some take me a few months to constantly test before making this list while some, I just fell in love at first use =)


Food Trips in Metro Manila - Caution Hot! in QC, Hoolala Korean Chicken in Ortigas, Ilustrado in Intramuros, SingSarap Chicken and Bob's Korean Burger at Robinsons Pioneer

This is a compilation of random food trips I had with J in a short span of time LOL. We went to Quezon City, Pasig, Manila and scouted near his Galleon office in Mandaluyong for simple filling meals and to try some restaurants (like the first 2) that we haven't tried before. There are some improvement areas but when you're too thrilled with just being able to see your partner for more time than usual, you tend to choose to notice the good stuff around you and enjoy those little precious moments you have. One particular restaurant reminds me of an amusing conversation about wishbones haha. Let me just take you on a food trip around Metro Manila right now while I reminisce and reconnect with my writing muse =)


First Timer Tour Boracay - Fun Activities at the Trick Art Museum, Parasailing, Buggy, PauPatri, Boracay Mandarin, Don Vito, Paraw Sailing and White Beach

They say time heals all wounds. It's been a while since I thought about Boracay because of that shocking accident with my sister. Someone asked me about my favorite places recently and the fondness for that piece of paradise still came. I opened the folder of pictures I set aside from that memorable trip and decided to write about the fun times this time to finally let go of any negative feelings I have left. I miss my sister who's a thousand miles away right now. Today, I can look forward to our next adventure when she comes home.


Inno Hostel and Pub Lounge Review, Cheap Backpacker Room near Hongdae and Hapjeong Station Seoul

I usually don't stay in hostels and shared rooms as much but I'm starting to be more open recently. My flight from Manila to Korea arrived at night and my homestay host couldn't accommodate me until the next day. And so I found a cheap place near Hongdae and Hapjeong (my homestay location is a stop away in this line) called Inno Hostel and Pub Lounge to spend the night. My considerations included the bedspace look, if it was listed in Agoda, until what time the front desk is open, all female dorm available, number of beds and location


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