The Road Ahead

I'm getting married! Yes, I can finally say that out loud haha. These past few months have been a whirlwind for me and today I take a breather from all the busyness to write down some of the things I am about to face in the next months, esp. with regards to all my wedding preps next year. In just a few months, my journey has expanded to educating myself and being almost like a CPA (Certified Parang Accountant), (still) organizing events and doing my best to prepare to be a missus (you might see more of this in the blog hehe). I was initially overwhelmed when it came to readying myself for that life-changing day. Due to my crazy schedule, I haven't done long trips for 3 months and found myself crankier by the day hahahaha. 


Manila Food Trips: Silantro at UP Town, Slappy Cakes at SM Aura and Alley at The Grove Rockwell!

All restaurants and malls in Manila I frequent are closed for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday... And so, in this period where eating at home is the only clear option for me, I choose to look back on my latest food trips in Manila (so I don't feel as if I have nowhere to go this lenten break) haha. Check out Silantro at UP Town, Slappy Cakes' new menu offerings and this Alley restaurant at The Grove Rockwell =)


Robinsons Antipolo Food Trip at Romeo's, Gerry's, Marison's and Many More!

Let me take you on a food trip in Antipolo! For this post, I'll show you some of the food J and I loved and discovered during the food tastings! All of these restaurants, both institutions like Gerry's and homegrown local restaurants like Romeo's, Marison's and Kampai Sushi Bar, are available at Robinsons Place Mall Antipolo ;) Costa Coffee and Francine's have drinks, snacks and desserts covered. In general, there are some Filipino food here worth driving all the way to this mall for from Manila;)


Other Chill Things to Do, Places Not to Miss and What Local Food to Eat in Batanes Tours

This is my last post on my recent Batanes trip, the Part 3 of 3 for Day 2 of our 3D2N itinerary =) I've already told you about where I stayed in Basco, the boatride to Sabtang, things to bring and interesting things like Brgy. Chavayan in my previous posts. In this post, I'd like to tell you more about the other chill things to do in Batanes (won't require you to do much to enjoy the scenery), some other things you may want to include in your itinerary (coz we just passed them) and what's considered as Ivatan food, as well as the 2 places where we ate them! These are the sights of my life with my newly fitted Transitions XTRActive photochromic lenses ;) This is a series dedicated to the start of a continuous journey of seeing things in the best lighting possible for my eyes (no squinting, no eye fatigue and 100% UV blocked among other benefits) with a customized kind of eyewear designed for people on-the-go like me, in lieu of ordinary eyeglasses. It's been tested in 200 conditions around the globe. In a way, some stuff in this list are the places I'd revisit and where I'd allot more time to if ever I have more days to spend in Batanes or DIY my Batanes itinerary. I'd like to consider some things here as a "fresh look" when you think of planning a Batanes trip because I've only learned about these things when I went there. Go to my previous Batanes posts for more Batanes usual must-sees not included below.


Vuyavuy Palm Trees and the Charming Chavayan Village in Sabtang Island, Batanes!

When in Batanes, a daytrip to Sabtang Island should be part of your itinerary. You'll see the locals, trees, villages, houses,  animals, food,  beach, lighthouses, cliffs, views (even fortresses) and many more! It's very accessible by boat then rented jeep from Batan Island (where Basco is). Check out Part 1 on how to go to Sabtang from Batan or Basco and some things to remember. Part 2 is about what else you must not miss which are two of my favorite parts of the trip - the palm trees and the village of Chavayan! We didn't stay there long but I loved every moment of it while I saw the trees all throughout the island =)


Things to Bring in Batanes and Preparations for the Boat Ride from Batan to Sabtang Island!

With the coming of the New Year, I've come across one overused (but true) piece of advice from one of my fav writers Jeff Goins. He posted "The best way to create new opportunities is to start saying "yes" to opportunities that excite you, even if you're not sure how you'll pull it off." This is very timely to this new post as I am going to tell you about the dreaded boat ride from Batan to Sabtang Island and how to prepare for a Batanes trip in general based on my experience. Surely, the circumstances will vary because of the extreme weather conditions Batanes is known for which you won't know until you get there but there are commonalities applicable to almost all kinds of travel that I'd like to point out. Preparing your travel gear (as well as reading up) and conditioning yourself mentally by taking note of special ordinary-looking things are just some of the things you can do before your trip to the most remote (northernmost) tip of the Philippines! I'll show you our Day 2 where we headed to Sabtang Island in 3 parts (picture-heavy) and what not to miss during the tour ;)